Sustainable Fashion: Fait La Force


As talked about previously, I’m new to sustainable fashion, and for Christmas, I thought it was perfect to buy gifts that give back  this year.  Although typically thought as a cliche, it’s extremely important for me to give back to the community (in any form possible.)

While interning at Raven + Lily, I came across a brand called Fait La Force, a company that provides handcrafted goods from hardworking artisans in Haiti. Not too long ago, I bought a simple, leather keychain from Fait La Force, and I absolutely adore it so much I had to share on my blog. I was  surprised by the high quality and durability of the leather, and i’m now deemed a huge fan. :)

Here is a list of some of my favorites from Fait La Force.

Fait La Force


1 // 2 // 3// 4

Good luck on last minute holiday shopping! :)

The Blog Milestone


As I’m entering my second year blogging on this domain (holy guacamole!), I’m re-evaluating the content on this blog and my purpose in writing. Initially, I started as a fashion blogger my junior year of high school. High school, what! For years, I have passionately wrote about clothes, outfits, and the latest trends. It’s something I loved and probably could have talked endlessly about. In total, I’ve been blogging for four years.

Of course, over time, I realized my writing has progressed. Although fashion still plays a huge role in my life, I’ve outgrown the content. As I forced myself to write, I noticed writer’s block has consistently become an  issue. I felt stuck. Rather, I began writing about other topics such as creativity, the design process, and marketing. And then it happened. EUREKA!  I love writing anything that inspires someone else. It doesn’t necessarily have to be niche writing, but rather sparking that interest for others.

So, I wrote a statement of purpose:

I want to share my story and foster creativity in others.

I’ll share my story through photography, writing, and inspirational design that sums up me in a nutshell.

Thanks for reading,


Treat Yo Self: 2015 Planners

Stay Organized

As the year is quickly wrapping up, I am feeling more ambitious than ever. I must confess. I would deem myself a confirmed lister. I write lists for basically everything, from short-term and long term goals, to-do lists, grocery lists, life lists. Sticky notes are my best friend. Guilty.

So it makes sense that I’m really picky about my planners. For some reason, there’s nothing quite like a handy planner to keep my life together.

When I’m looking for a planner I look for a) personality b) layout of months, weeks, etc. c) overall size of the planner, preferably small enough to fit in my purse.

1. PaperSource Mini Moss Planner

2. Kate Spade Painterly Cheetah Print

3. PaperSource 2015 Planner (available at Target)

4. PaperSource Gold Foil Planner (with recyclable pages)

5. Kate Spade ‘Throw Caution to the Wind’

6. Sugar Paper Gold Polka Dot Planner



It’s been four months since I’ve been back home. Four months to make me miss home. Ah, I deem this #smalltownprobs. If anyone lived in a small town, really, you’ll know it’s a love hate relationship.

I love the feeling of home. I miss my very best friends that still live here, and the stupid shenanigans we get ourselves in. I miss feeling comfortable and having my mom there when I need her. I feel significant in this town when I have the most important people, well, here.

Yet, I know my growth has stumped here, and I’m happy to get out of my comfort zone. To have an adventure, that is my own.

That being said, I’m a different type of happy here. It’s home.

Shirt: Gap // Pants: Zara // Boots: Vince Camuto

*On a side note, my gorg-ous sister ( took these awesome pictures! Thanks Sissy! :)

Be Creative


At last, the cliche: think outside the box. My professor who teaches creativity showed this video about how storytelling has become an advertiser’s cliche. “You’re not a fucking storyteller.” Ironically, this video was made by a storytelling organization (Lol @ irony.)

This video really inspired me to be something more than a trend.


Today, I’m wearing a combination of different layers, because A) it was really cold and B) long cardigans are super comfortable. Plus, why not add really comfortable moccasins. (Side note: I bought these shoes about 4 years ago, and they’re still are in shape! Yay!)

Cardigan: Target // Skirt: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Minnetoka Moccasins //Tank: Gap

Winter, I like you

IMG_9128 copy

Adam Butler, co-founder of the advertising agency The Butler Bros, recommended this article about using creativity for business practices. Lately, I’ve been actually really interested in how creativity plays influences how we think, talk, and express ourselves.    Turns out I’m sort of a research nerd, he he he. My creative mostly translates through photography, typography, and writing. I try to make it more cohesive through fashion, but recently inspiration has been flying everywhere.

For starters, I hate the cold. I don’t really see a need for it, really. It kills plants, it makes people sick, and it’s kind of miserable. Can you tell I’m kind of biased?

Maybe it’s the way the sun rises in the cold breeze, I’m not exactly sure, but I’m finally seeing beauty in the cold. The quiet air, warm coffee, and winter fashion, holy guac-a-mole. How have I not noticed this before?


On that note, this Texas cold front is making me so happy. I layered my flannel with a quick duster jacket and a infinity scarf. So warm and so happy. :) So, winter, I guess I kinda sort of like you.

Jacket: Zara // Scarf: Gap // Flannel: u/o // Jeans: Guess // Boots: Cole Haan

Thanks for reading,


It’s Love, Love (15)


I’m a big sap, I know.

I have always been a strong advocate for reminding people that you care about them and that you’re there if need be. So, of course, I made a themed care package for Jon who recently moved to California. This project was super fun, and if you couldn’t tell from my awesome decorating, I’m sending my love from Texas. :) By the end of the month, it’ll mark our two month long distance relationship. I tried to wrap my head around this thought. “Wow, time flies.”


Although I’ve never been or even considered being in a long distance relationship, I found myself being in one for the first time. Of course, people (and me) were intially very skeptical and opinionated about my relationship. From seeing someone everyday to well, not at all, was to say the least very difficult. However, during this time period, I learned more about myself and moreover, how to be a better partner.


In so and so many words, I think more. I spend time thinking what my goals are, what I want out of my career, and what makes me happy. Moreover, I am able to do things that I haven’t done in awhile such as painting, crafting, or writing. I can’t describe the feeling of losing track of time in a project- I love that. I think sometimes, I get fixated on my relationship, and to a certain extent, it starts becoming unhealthy. Especially in college, I’m still figuring who I want to be, and more importantly learning what my flaws are and how to embrace them.

I learned if your happy with yourself, it makes things easier for any relationship whether it’s with your boyfriend, mother, sister, or friends.

Here are some thoughtful reads that I found extremely insightful.

If anyone is still doing 100 Happy Days Project, how is your journey going? In all honesty, I didn’t realize a small menial project could be so impacting. If you’re willing to share, I’ll love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,




Perfection is both a blessing and a curse. It’s trying to be the best person you can be, but also knowing you can’t achieve the idealized version of yourself. I want to be blank, blank, and blank. Except I can choose only 1/3 blanks. That’s the caveat most people forget. Like me.

Like any other normal person, I struggle the fine line in having goals and reaching all my goals. I get anxious when I don’t cross everything on my to-do list. I run at eleven o’ clock at night, just to fit in a quick run. I  prepare most of my meals for the week so I can eat healthier. I think I can do it all. When in reality, my body just wants sleep and a night of Netflix with Rory Gilmore and adorable Jess Mariano (the lé bad boy everyone wants).

Of course, I know this. Perfection isn’t achievable, except I really want to be able to do it all. My stubbornness, sigh. Most days, I get five hours of sleep, and I’m mostly okay with that. Except, my body says otherwise. This week, I woke up one morning feeling exhausted, groggy, and a wonderful throbbing cold sore on my face. Okay, body, you win.

Clearly, this was a sign. A very visible sign that I can’t do it all. So, this week I made sure to listen to my body and what it needs. I knew my limits. I planned my time better, and when things didn’t go as planned, I tried my best not to stress.

I ran to clear my head. I did yoga to listen to my body. I wrote in my journal to clear my thoughts.

Sometimes, you need a reminder to take care of yourself. And to know it’s okay, when things go wrong. Imperfections are beauty.

Thanks for reading,


Thoughts & Musings

IMG_7162 copy

Sometimes, you just need to hear this. Just like any other day, I read through my blog feed and stumbled something touching, something inspiring.

If you’re going through a breakup or having a bad day, sometimes you just need that extra “I can do this type of inspiration.”

I found an article referred from the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. The author, Caroline from the A Cup of Jo , illustrated her struggle to get through a three year relationship.

I couldn’t help but grasp my head around her heartbreak and the ‘what do I do now moment?’ It’s amazing how much writing out loud can help, and I’m truly inspired that she shared her story to the public. No, I’m not going through a breakup, but I do understand how hurtful it is to lose someone.

My blog isn’t just a facade for cute outfits and perfectly laid out clothes. I want to share with you what’s raw, what’s genuine.

When it’s a not so awesome day,  I always remind myself ‘you’ll be happy again.’ It’s just about timing. Sometimes, I think lucky days are trade-offs. Today’s not your day, but someone else’s. That person is pooping out rainbows and ponies. He/she is drinking a glass of wine and eating a $50 steak. This person needs this day. You’ll have yours tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,


It’s Love, Love (14)


“Stay close to what keeps you feeling alive.”

I stumbled upon this quote on the Free People blog a couple months ago, and I couldn’t help feel inspired and connected to the sincerity in those 8 words.

This year in particular, things are a little different. My sister and my biggest supporter has moved to Houston, TX. My best friend and coincidental boyfriend moved to California to start his first job. My three best friends are in a five-hour radius from Austin, TX.  I was startled by the overwhelming impact that has occurred in a short period of a month.

However, as I continued my routine in going to class and work, I realized there was a different perspective, a sort of ‘freshness,’ in doing things by yourself. As weeks passed, I found myself at peace with experiencing new things and challenging myself to do things I’ve been too stubborn to do or outrightly told myself I would never do (e.g. yoga). Although I’m a big believer in taking chances, I typically find myself gravitating toward being comfortable.

This feeling is very similar to my first day of college. New. Fresh. Scary. Exciting.

These days, I’m feeling independent and at peace. I feel as if I can figure out things on own.  Having this independent perspective, again, is truly amazing. I found things that make me happy in insignificant things. A foggy day. Hot coffee. Reading a blogpost about pumpkins. Anything, really.

Moreover, I know, when things turn not so awesome, everyone is really a phone call away. Little reminders do, however, make my day. This week, Jon completely surprised me with beautiful roses. :)


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