Plain Jane


People like to talk about plain Jane. Some people say she’s boring, a vanilla wafer. She’s actually pretty cool.

In retrospect, minimalism and boring have constantly been intertwined and referred to when talking about one or the other. But what’s wrong with wearing minimal, cozy pieces?

I’m a t-shirt and cut off jean shirts type of girl… when I’m facing the Monday Blues. No shame, ever. :) Today, I wore a modal cotton t-shirt paired with a mid-calf skirt. Nothing too fussy.

Shirt: Cub Monaco // Skirt: French Connection

Fall, You’re Cool


I think every picture is better with a story attached..And this story was my ‘let’s take a picture after work- before the rain starts- I’m starving- why is the garbage man looking at me – this is kinda awkward’ story.”

Much like that day, this week has been hectic. Sick, Exhaustion, Hell week…take your pick. No worries, fall fashion is here. And I’m super super stoked for it!

Fall is one of my favorite season in Texas (it’s mostly an escape from the scouring heat). Who doesn’t love cozy sweaters, oxblood nail polish, and PSL season (Pumpkin Spice Lattes)?! :)

Dress: Free People // Shirt: American Apparel // Shoes: Lucky Brand

The Big Milestone: Relationships for the Anti-Relationship


Things I don’t talk to much about…ever: relationships. For starters, I’ve never been a relationship type of girl. In so and so many words, I was always the sassy independent lady that sang Beyonce with my independent sassy friends. Basically. And the fact I can be so incredibly awkward, I cringe (eeks!). So, as I hit the big one year with this guy, I am in disbelief that it’s really been a year. I’ve been so blessed to have met someone that calls me out on my bullshit and that annoys me with his ‘do you really need to buy this?’ logic. (Sigh, sometimes I really do need those shoes though…)  Plus, he surprised me with a really elaborate picnic basket…cause I’ve mentioned having a picnic date before. I vote keeper. :)

Sustainable Fashion


For starters, I am obsessed with overalls. I actually bought this pair a couple of years ago, and I’m so so so glad I’ve kept them. The love I have for these overalls is real. Moreover, I am, too, in love with this necklace, which I recently purchased from Raven + Lily’s storefront (located on Manor Rd in Austin, TX). Little do you know, artisans in Ethiopia melted bullet casing to create this necklace.

To explain, about a week and a half ago, I started my internship at Raven + Lily as a social media and marketing intern. Raven + Lily is an eco-friendly brand that empowers women through design, and is an advocate for sustainable fashion. The company helps at-risk women in developing countries (5 so far) by working ALONGSIDE artisan groups who manufacture the products. The basis is fashion that ACTUALLY provides jobs for women.

To be honest, I’m sort of new to ethical fashion, but it’s great that more and more people are readily becoming aware.

So, here’s my little tidbit to you and to challenge yourself to spread your knowledge about sustainable fashion.

Overalls: u/o // Shirt: American Apparel // Necklace: Raven + Lily

Into to Creativity

IMG_7563 IMG_7571

Creativity- is it intrinsic or learned. Is it about being original or using inspiration as foundation and building upon it?

These were just a couple of questions asked in my ‘Intro to Creative’ class. (Yes, this is really a class and yes, this is required.) Last week’s creative lab was about finding creativity in nothing. The challenge was to do something different or find something ordinary or mundane…and find a way to be creative. It was actually pretty awesome to see everyone’s entries and their interpretation of creativity. Personally, I wrote about my blog (duh) and challenged myself in experimenting more with my photography. I used this idea of fluency and movement to capture a more natural feel to my pictures. I used myself as the subject, and was pleasantly pleased in how these pictures came out.

Surprisingly, I am really enjoying the class and how it’s forcing me to challenge myself. Here’s just a small list I’ve found helpful (so far)…

  • Creativity is about new experiences. You can’t be inspired by the expected.
  • Creativity is a process. There is no ‘Eureka’ moment. When a ‘Eureka’ moment is found, it’s usually because it’s the last piece of the process.
  • Creativity is beneficial to any time of job whether being accounting or art. The whole point of creativity is to think outside the box and challenge yourself in your work.

What do you think? Who knew creativity was so beyond complicated? I hope to share with you my upcoming inspiration in my art sketch book. In the meanwhile, I’ll be swamped in school work and work (HALP).

Dress: f/p // Shoes: Lucky Brand

It’s Love, Love (13)


Have you ever had that ‘oh shit’ moment? The whole ‘who wants to be an adult anyway’ rant? I’m finding myself trailing these steps and I’m having a hard time adjusting. The other day, I found a couple of pictures from this past month and began feeling super nostalgic. This guy is moving to California in a couple of weeks cause #grownupproblems. Best friends moving. Family moving. That’s the thing though. I can’t help but appreciate the people who’ve helped mold me to who I am right now. And you know, California isn’t so far, and I do need a vacation after all.



Oh wow, I can’t believe school has already started (eek!). And thus, summer has already ended. That being said, these past few months have been sort of a reality check in school, personal style, and relationships. Moreover, since I started blogging, my perspective has definitely changed. In terms of what I like to write about, I don’t specifically title myself a fashion blogger or a self-proclaimed fashionista anymore. I don’t obsess over the latests trends in magazines or runways like I use too. (Shocker, for me as well.) Rather, I learned my inspiration comes from life. From nature, from spending time with my family, from having a coffee with an old friend, from having, well, experiences. Fashion has always been something very comfortable and exciting, almost like greeting an old friend. I will always love transitioning from look to look, and of course, it’ll always remain a huge influence in my writing. But, I hope you enjoy my journey in progressing my writing as a lifestyle blogger. I can’t wait to share more quirky adventures and lessons I learned on the way! :)

Today, I wore something something comfortable, something easy. I layered my modal, stripped tank top with a lace bralette, and paired the outfit with high-waisted jeans detailed with zippers on the side. Of course, I wore my favorite shoes of all time- Jeffery Campbell oxfords. They make this girl so happy, especially on a no school Monday. Happy Labor Day!

Shirt: Gap // Jeans: Free People // Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Trending: Overalls


Overalls went completely rampant this summer, and I’m pretty happy about it. Any loose, comfortable clothing is a friend of mine. Whoop whoop!

But, I do feel somewhat silly wearing overalls. I am 5′ 1″ and already mistaken as a sixteen year old. Yikes. Even with wedges, I wondered how to make overalls look super chic but still comfortable (no high heels, please). Inspired by the latest free people campaign, I paired my overalls with a neutral bralette, strappy sandals, and a messy bun. What do you think?

Bralette: u/o + overalls (thrift) // Shoes: Lucky Brand

Life Basically


Here’s an extended sorry for my sudden break from blogging. Life is super funny, you know? From Chicago, to moving, to making memories with people…and well forgetting social media altogether. I feel as if the best moments are made when it’s the most unexpected, but I’ll try my best to share with you with what I have documented.

No worries, my ‘normal’ routine will start in a week and a half. I plan to share more fashion related posts as well as my recent travels. Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen this upcoming school year!

Happy Monday! :)

Also, Porter Robinson’s new album is amazing, so of course, I need to share! I feel zen already.


Vacation (1)

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 presetIMG_8750IMG_8683IMG_8732

Family vacations can be sort of (really) distracting (eek!). This past week, my family decided to road trip to Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana. Although I’ve been to both areas, it’s always nice to spend time with the family (although personal space on vacations sometimes become an issue). Having gone to New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina, I’m still in love with the city and it’s historic culture! Did I mention beignets? I’m in love. :) Moreover, I scored some awesome sales in NOLA. These loafers, oh my goodness!

Also, aren’t my parents the cutest? :)

(All photos were taken by my iPhone.)


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